Pamphlet Series and Special Issues

Free People Press is the fictitious name of the publisher of Both Sides Now (BSN). Up until early 2004 it has concentrated solely on the production of BSN. Recently we felt the urge to also publish additional items as either pamphlets or special issues. Before this series concept came to mind, the press had already produced one booklet as part of BSN No. 43-44 (see Back Issues page). The booklet, listed below, is offered separately from that issue.

The pamphlets will be small booklets of material not commonly available on the commercial market. This could include both original material and reprints of out-of-print literature. Potential contents could include essays, poetry, fiction, and artwork.

Special Issues will be for information that is too lengthy for a regular issue;generally of a single subject. These issues do not contain advertising unless otherwise specified.

Special Issues and Pamphlets are not included in a subscription. They may be ordered separately or in addition to a subscription.


The Challenge: Building a New Society by Ron Ginther. Written shortly before 9/11, this essay is both a utopian and workable alternative to the entropic system that now dominates world affairs. $1.50.

Reincarnation and the Bible by Illiana. The case for reincarnation from a strictly Biblical perspective. First issued in mimeograph form in 1963, this long out of print essay is now available in an enhanced booklet edition. $1

Special Issues

Special Issue No. 1 THE HISTORY OF BOTH SIDES NOW - No Longer In Print; has been incorporated into Special Issue No. 2.

Special Issue No. 2 THE HISTORY OF BOTH SIDES NOW - The early history of BSN from 1969-1980 appeared in an anthology of stories about underground papers called Voices from the Underground. That essay was extracted and published by us as Special No. 1. This sequel updates the original, relating BSN's resurrection from 1991-the end of 2007, for a new edition of the anthology. 8 pages. $1.00/copy.

Special Issue No. 3 THE LIGHTWORKERS HANDBOOK - The meaning of our earth experience, transcribed from a series of five public channels presented by the entity called Kryon. 24 pages. $2.00/copy suggested donation to cover printing & mailing costs.

Special Issue No. 4 ON SPIRITUAL HIERARCHIES - Four channelings by Carla Rueckert-McCarty on spirituality and society. 8 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 5 LIGHTWORKER RESPONSIBILITIES - The purpose of our earth experience (sequel to No. 3). 12 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 6 SACRED INTENTIONS - Psychedelic experiments with psilcybin at Johns Hopkins led to profound and amazing spiritual experiences. 6 pages. $1.00/copy.

Special Issue No. 7 THE HANDLESS MAIDEN - A Classic tale retold by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. 14 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 8 THE CONFEDERATION OF ANGELS AND PLANETS - Earth's place in the Universe by Carla Rueckert-McCarty. 8 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 9 MAKING WAR - The legal and theological implications of military conflict by Dr. Robert M. Bowman. 6 pages. $1.00/copy.

Special Issue No. 10 THE SIGNIFICANCE OF 2012 - Spiritual preparations for a New Age by Carla Rueckert-McCarty. 10 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 11 A MYSTIC LOOKS AT INNER CITIZENSHIP - Looking into the soul of America by David Spangler. 10 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 12 JESUS IS YESHU - A radical view of the historic Jesus by Michael Ventura. 8 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 13 THE GOD SERIES - Articles questioning God and making a case for agnosticism. 6 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 14 THE LAW OF ONE SERIES - Four articles defining a term used in New Age circles by Carla Rueckert-McCarty. 8 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 15 LIFE TRANSFORMATION PRINCIPLES - The essence of spiritual living by WingMakers + Invisible Teachers by Igor Sibalda. 10 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 16 HOMAGE TO DANA REDFIELD - Essays on her unique insights into the letters of our alphabet by Carla Rueckert-McCarty. 10 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 17 DIFFERENCE MAKER PENNY KELLY - Through one woman’s example we learn the essence of organic agriculture, by Carla Rueckert-McCarty. 10 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 18 DECONSTRUCTING THE COLUMBUS MYTH - Powerful essays exposing the brutal treatment of Native Americans from the start by Ward Churchill & others. 10 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 19 A TIMELESS STATEMENT - A transcript of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s April 4, 1967 speech “Beyond Vietnam—A Time to Break Silence.” Though not as famous as his civil rights speeches, this indictment of war is particularly relevant today as U.S. conflicts continue in Asia with no immediate end in sight. 6 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 20 RETHINKING MARK TWAIN - A view of his condemnation of organized religion by Joan Thomas. 6 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 21 TEA PARTY CLOSE-UP - An in-depth look at the politics of negativity, who finances it, and who buys into it. By Matt Taibbi, reprinted from Rolling Stone. 6 pages. $1.50/copy.

Special Issue No. 22 A 2011 POTPOURRI ON MYSTICISM, “THE GRAND DESIGN” AND A 4% UNIVERSE - An in-depth thinkpiece on the meaning of everything by Joan Thomas. 12 pages. $2.00/copy.

Special Issue No. 23 FOUR BY KRYON - Four detailed prophetic channelings from late 2010 and early 2011 that give us look into the immediate future plus a short added commentary on the Japan earthquake. 18 pages $2.00/copy.


To order, send payment to:

Both Sides Now
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Prices are postpaid. Free People Press is a non-profit entity, and it should be obvious that we are not going to make a killing at these prices, which hardly cover the cost of printing and mailing, let alone labor.





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