BSN 1-26, which originally appeared as the underground press of Jacksonville FL, might be called the first series. 1-25 were in tabloid/newsprint format, as was common in the underground/alternative press of the ‘60s and ‘70s. These have been reduced to newsletter size so that they could be conveniently photocopied. Since number of pages varies, cost per issue is based on the current rate of 10¢/page. No. 26 was a unique newsprint magazine issue, and it has not been reduced.

No. 1 PAUL McCARTNEY DEAD! - The notorious “Is Paul dead?” hoax, hippies hassled by cops, reviews of Easy Rider and Alice’s Restaurant, a Vietnam Moratorium Day sermon, poetry, etc. 12 pages (slightly oversize) $1.20/copy. [November 29, 1969]

No. 26 - RUMORS OF WAR - Historic 1980 issue. Anthology of 12 leading peacemakers’ and BSN’s responses to the crisis when Iran held U.S. hostages, Soviet troops moved into Afghanistan, and there was talk of renewing the draft. Triple-size issue (24 pages, no ads) for the price of 2. $2/copy. [May 1980]

No. 27 - MORE LOST THAN WON - More than 18 negative effects of the Gulf War are detailed; plus related features. $1/copy. [August 1991]

No. 28 - SAVING THE PLANET - Devoted entirely to a “state of the earth” address by Dr. Helen Caldicott, noted pediatrician, peace activist, and environmentalist. In straightforward language she covers a spectrum of issues including overpopulation, pollution, deforestation, the greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, wasteful lifestyles, military spending, and media control. $1/copy. [April 1992]

No. 29-30 - THE GREAT SATAN HOAX - Special double issue of BSN features reprints of 4 major articles from the alternative press showing how the police and major media were taken in by the “satanic panic” which peaked around the turn of the ‘90s, and much more. 20 pages. $2/copy. [February 1993]

No. 31 - ANATOMY OF A TRAGEDY - Explores the consciousness that led to the Branch Davidian nightmare and found universal lessons related to fear and a belief in violence, weapons, and military solutions on the part of both the cult and government agents. Written shortly after the event, it has withstood the test of time. $1/copy. [May-June 1993]

No. 32 - GOOD NEWS - Its contents include review of a unique interpretation of Revelation by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Christianity vis-à-vis the New Age, and an explanation of channeling by Molli Nickell. $1/copy. [Spring 1994]

No. 33 - ELVIS & CELEBRITY CONSCIOUSNESS - Weaves together themes on Elvis, Princess Di, and the cult (or culture) of celebrity to form a comprehensive fabric of thoughts and opinions. 10 pages. $1/copy. [October 1997]

No. 34-35 - GREAT SEAL OF THE U.S. & A PARABLE OF FREEDOM - Special double issue features hidden meaning of U.S. Great Seal, a parable of freedom, book reviews, spiritual columns, networking ads, and more. 20 pages. $2/copy. [March 1998]

No. 36-37 - LIGHTWORKERS & PEACEMAKERS - A physicist on the metaphysics of peace, The Age of Violence, school killings, Kosovo, book reviews, spiritual columns, fiction, commentary, networking ads. 20 pages. $2/copy. [Summer 1999]

No. 38 - Y1K (OR YEAR M) - Anticipations in the year 1000; a long personal letter wherein the editor reveals himself; BSN’s 30th anniversary; “Incarnated Angels and E.T.s” by Doreen Virtue; book reviews on the new spirituality, encounters with alien intelligence, Conversations with God, and The Post-Corporate World; networking ads, and more. 10 pages. $1/copy. [Spring 2000]

No. 39-40 - RELIGION AND POLITICS - “Coming out of the Spiritual Closet” by Doreen Virtue; the “Battle of Seattle” and the nonviolent revolution against globalization and corporate tyranny; exposing the anti-gay agenda; review of 3 transformational novels by Dana Redfield; the radical Christianity of Eberhard Arnold & the Bruderhof; “The Trial of Depleted Uranium” by Philip Berrigan; a humorous election year story; audio reviews; poetry; networking ads, and more. 20 pages. $2/copy. [Summer 2000]

No. 41-42 - GOOD NEWS - BAD NEWS (signs of hope as the empire crumbles) - Contents include: Global Renaissance Alliance (leading edge thinkers come together to spiritualize politics); Free Yourself from Fear; Decade of Peace & Non-Violence for World's Children; prophetic reflection on year 2000 election; profiles of peacemakers Peace Pilgrim & Ammon Hennacy; biotech food; questioning Hiroshima (by Howard Zinn); Civic Responsibility in the New Millennium by William Sloane Coffin; 2 new fables; the Butterfly Effect explained; reality TV; Book reviews, networking ads, and more. 20 pages. $2/copy. [January 2001]

No. 43-44 - UNCOMMON SENSE - Wrapper and insert sheet with introductory essay, a review of author Dana Redfields’ “The ET-Human Connection”, networking ads, and more. This special pamphlet issue includes THE CHALLENGE: BUILDING A NEW SOCIETY (Some perspectives on resisting the global corporate state and establishing a unified movement for social and environmental justice) by Ron Ginther which became the first in the Free People Press Pamphlet Series. 4 pages + 32-page pamphlet. $2/copy. [Summer 2001]

No. 45-46 - 9/11 - DIES IRAE (DAY OF WRATH) - Why it happened, America's karma, God’s justice, channeled appropriate responses, crop circles, star kids (a.k.a. Indigo Children), komix, networking ads, poetry, and more. 20 pages. $2/copy. [January 2002]

No. 47-48 REVOLUTION OF HOPE – Thoughts on the Iraq crisis and the Israel/Palestine conflict, Sun Bear on Power, The Myth of Redemptive Violence, Neale Donald Walsch on religious fanaticism, A Christ-like Muslim, “The Peace Stone” (a true story), Irv Thomas on Coping With Illusions, a pastor’s letter to President Bush, editorials, networking ads, humor, and more. 22 pages. $2/copy. [February 2003]

No. 49-50 A PROPHETIC VIEW – Looking past Gulf War II: a readers’ digest of views by noted visionaries: Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Arundhati Roy, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Paul Rogat Loeb, and William Rivers Pitt. Also, editorial, poetry, artwork, networking ads, and more. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Fall 2003]

No. 51-52 APOCALYPSE NOW - Revelation of abuses of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. forces heralds end of U.S. empire. Essays by Anthony Sacramone, Anthony Lewis, Omid Safi, William Rivers Pitt, Wayne Madsen, and Jeff Dietrich. Also, editorial overview, BSN on reality, hope for the future, book reviews, poetry, graphics, and networking ads. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q2 2004]

No. 53-54 POLITICS MATTERS - A Spiritual View - Why spiritual people should be politically aware & involved. Also, articles on re-emergence of the sacred feminine, finding your spiritual path, Judy Collins’ spiritual recovery, Hank Williams, earth changes, the power of Gaia, the “Christian” Left Behind books, and the damaged mind of George W. Bush. Plus short subjects, poetry, cartoons, and networking ads. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Summer/Fall 2004]

No. 55-56 REALITY CHECK - A New Age view of the current situation - Articles on the 2004 election and how one might respond by BSN, John Judge, David Corn, and Robert Jensen. Spiritual articles by Michael Ventura, Alan Cohen, Joan Thomas, and Swami Beyondananda. Also, a story of Sir Gawain, poetry, short subjects, and networking ads. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Fall/Winter 2004]

No. 57-58 LIBERATING JESUS - A collection of articles centered around the theme of reclaiming an authentic Jesus from the counterfeit of him presented by the fundamentalists and religious right. Also, ways of thinking about the tsunami and other natural disasters. Authors include Suzanne Taylor, Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, Shelley Ackerman, Kirby Page, Dr. Teresa Whitehurst, John F. Borowski, E.L. Doctorow, and Sister Helen Prejean. Plus poetry, book review, grafix, and networking ads. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q1 2005]

No. 59-60 TO HEAL THE WORLD - Spiritual issue features original articles on how myth and Ageless Wisdom can illuminate a path toward personal and global healing. Includes Arthurian legend, archetype, Tarot, Kabbalah, and art. Also, articles by David Podvin, Joan Thomas, Robert Brezsny, & Ira Chernus + poetry, movie review, and prophetic comment on Pope Benedict XVI. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q2 2005]

No. 61-62 WHAT THE BLEEP? - Potpourri issue with articles on quantum physics, agriculture, madness of left and right, community ownership, culture wars, mass media, our electoral system, etc. Articles by Steve Jobs, Kelpie Wilson, Susan Lang, Dan Joseph, Sister Joan Chittister, David Sirota, Molly Ivins, David Batstone, Sean Gonsalves, Thomas E. Mann, and Rob Breszny. Also, short story, poetry, book reviews, short subjects, and cartoons. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q3 2005]

No. 63-64 LIGHTWORKERS IN A DARK AGE - The Myth of Prometheus the Lightbearer. Timely articles on current issues and consciousness by Bo Lozoff, Sister Joan Chittister, Jean-Claude Koven, Karen Armstrong, Starhawk, Rob Brezsny, Swami Beyondananda, Ray McGovern, and Molly Ivins. Also, lyrics by James McMurtry, poetry, book review, short subjects, and grafix. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q4 2005]

No. 65-66 WHERE ARE WE HEADED? – Facing the unknown, a new age of peace, the end of plenty, the secret message of Jesus, earth/climate changes, etc. Authors include Deepak Chopra, Meredith Jordan, Bill McKibben, Brian D. McLaren, David Podvin, Kelpie Wilson, James Lovelock, Michael McCarthy, Katha Pollitt, Joan Thomas, Joe McAfee, Eric D. Lehmann, and Rob Brezsny. Also, komix, poetry, book reviews, networking ads, and more. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q1 2006]

No. 67-68 THE DARK GODDESS - Features the awesome return of the sacred feminine, and prophecies for the coming years to 2012. Includes Mayan and Hopi sources plus channeling from the Pleidian Light, Archangel Michael, and Kryon. Also, poetry, columns by Joan Thomas & Swami Beyondananda, cartoons, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q2 2006]

No. 69-70 THE NEW AGE - Articles defining the New Age and its movement. We begin a series of articles by Carla Rueckert-McCarty starting with the red chakra. Also, lightworking, the Da Vinci Code, the Dark Night of the Soul, etc. Authors include Rob Brezsny, Rev. Angela Peregoff, Jean-Claude Koven, Catherine Austin Fitts, Dan Joseph, and Gerald G. May. Also, book reviews, and poetry. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q3 2006]

No. 71-72 THE MAYAN CALENDAR PROPHECY (2011 or 2012?) - Three definitive articles by Carl Johan Calleman make a strong case for 2011 while asserting the importance of tuning in to the new consciousness. This is reinforced by review of book on The Return of Quetzalcoatl. Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty’s series continues with the orange chakra. Other articles deal with spiritual and physical survival in critical times, the way to peace in the Middle East, indigo children, & forgiveness. Authors include Michael, Ran Prieur, Lee Carroll (Kryon channel), Uri Avnery. Also, review of sequel to Disappearance of the Universe, poetry, cartoons, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q4 2006]

No. 73-74 LIVING IN SPIRIT - Includes articles on Israel & Islam, Mission for a New Year, First Wave Indigos, being an angelic troublemaker, indigo children, and Abraham Joshua Heschel. Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty’s series continues with the yellow chakra. Also, short subjects, poetry, book review, and graphics. Authors include Carl Johan Calleman, Daniel Pinchbeck, Angela Peregoff, Laura Lee Mistycah, Robert Rabbin, Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty, Sean Gonsalves, Frank DeMarco, Dale Matthies, and Rob Brezsny. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q1 2007]

No. 75-76 THE NEW KIDS ARE HERE - Major article by Mary Rodwell on Indigo Children. Also, the advantages of a “primitive lifestyle”, Pacal Votan the ancient Mayan saint, the connection between the Middle East and Atlantis, 100 quotes from “The Secret,” Swami Beyondananda’s State of the Universe Address, and lightworking and multidimensionality. Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty's series continues with the green chakra. Authors include Regina Gregory, Hunbatz Men, Joan Thomas, Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty, Bob Proctor, and Angela Peregoff. Also, poetry page. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q2 2007]

No. 77-78 RECLAIMING AMERICA - Major articles by Chalmers Johnson, David Ray Griffin, and Steve Bhaerman describe the nation’s collapse as a constitutional republic and suggest actions for taking it back from those who have been leading us toward imperial disaster. Carla Rueckert-McCarty's series continues with the blue ray chakra. Homages to the late Dana Redfield: samples of her alphabet book, a short story, and “A woman of words and letters” the first is a short series by Carla Rueckert-McCarty. Also, Machaelle Wright on how individuals can save the world, Joan Thomas on “The Secret”, poetry, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q3 2007]

No. 79-80 THE FIFTH NIGHT - According to Carl Johan Calleman’s calculations, the 360-day period from Nov. 19, 2007 to Nov. 13, 2008 should be a “dark night of the soul” for the planet. Carla Rueckert-McCarty’s series continues with the indigo chakra. Other features include “The Fall of the American Empire” by Rev. Dr. Alan Bentz-Letts; “The Tower Of Babble” by Steve Bhaerman; “The Golden Scroll”, a spiritual parable by Dana Redfield; “A New Order ofthe Ages” by Marianne Williamson; “Renaming God, Remaking the World” by Arthur Waskow, “Who Would Jesus Assassinate?” by Ron Jacobs; and “Is The USA a Christian Nation?” by Elihu Edelson. Also, a short series on Dana Redfield continues with “The House of Life” by Carla Rueckert-McCarty, short subjects, poetry & poetry review, artwork, cartoons, networking ads, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q4 2007]

No. 81-82 A WONDROUS NEW VISION - Largely spiritual issue. Lead & closing articles by Rev. Angela Peregoff. Carla Rueckert-McCarty’s series continues with the violet chakra. Other main topics include “Bringing Authentic Religion to Politics” & thoughts on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto by Sister Joan Chittister; “Forgetting Gandhi” by Pablo Ouziel; 2 articles on reclaiming the spirit of the 60s; “Healing the Wound of the Heart” by John Welwood. Also, continuing the legacy of Dana Redfield with “The outer UFO phenomenon” by Carla Rueckert-McCarty, 3 short spiritual articles, a delightful fairy tale, poetry, editorial, cartoons, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q1 2008]

No. 83-84 LET US NOT TALK FALSELY NOW, THE HOUR IS GETTING LATE - Three articles anticipating collapse of U.S. empire with suggestions on how to survive it by Carolyn Baker, Sarah Anne Edwards, and Linda Buzzell. Also “Living in a Cookie-Cutter World” by Gina E Jones; Carla Rueckert-McCarty on Dana Redfield & the Inner UFO phenomena, and summation of her series on the chakras; review of Carl Johan Calleman’s twoMayan calendar books; Clarissa Pinkola Estes on an authentic politic of hope; and Owen Waters on Paradigm Shift; plus lyrics to “Both Sides Now” and Dylan’s headline song, poetry, cartoons, short subject, ads, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q2 2008]

No. 85-86 THE END IS NEAR - Continuing discussion of the dominant culture’s imminent collapse and preparing for it. Also articles on forgiveness, Kabbalah, Buddhist sand mandalas, Zen teachings, and much more. Authors include Carolyn Baker, Karen Bishop, Angela Peregoff, Joan Thomas, D.G. Myers, Carla Rueckert-McCarty, Isabel Radow Kliegman, Sister Joan Chittister, Bob Perks, and Ma Prem Zareen. Other features include spiritual teachings, poetry, book reviews, short subjects, artwork, cartoons, short subject, ads, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q3 2008]

No. 87-88 SEEING IN REVERSE - In the lead editorial, the Tarot Hanged Man is used to symbolize those who see ahead of the crowd (or herd). The alternative individuals, institutions, and media (like Both Sides Now) can see beyond the current strife, economic crisis, and environmental problems to offer solutions leading to the promise of a new world. Tom Engelhardt, in “Foreclosed”, relates in detail how the Bush administration led us into a thorough disaster. Carolyn Myss sees the current chaos as an opportunity for new beginnings. Carolyn Baker deconstructs the wishy-washy culture of “whatever”. Rabbi Amy Schwartzman presents a midrash on the universal significance of Jonah. Carla Rueckert-McCarty concludes her series on the wisdom of our late friend Dana Redfield. BSN Poetry editor Joan Thomas raps on relationships and has her memoir of Leon Maclean reviewed by the BSN publisher. David Korten writes that humans are caring and connecting creatures. A narrative poem by Santiago del Dardano Turann takes us to Spain AD 359. Also short subjects, cartoons, graphics, ads, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q4 2008]

No. 89-90 – 40TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE - Taking stock of the present moment. Spiritual views of Obama’s presidency by Gordon Davidson & Corinne McLaughlin, Caroline Myss, and Jose Stevens plus a down-to-earth one by Michael Ventura and advice to Obama by David Korten. Other spiritual features are by Rev. Angela Peregoff, Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty, Karen Bishop, Amitabh Pal, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Kabbalistic tale by Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav and poetry by Joan Thomas. Also short subjects, cartoons, ads, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q1 2009]

No. 91-92 - NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS – Both Sides Now nudges its editorial direction toward more positive content. Major editorial on abolishing war and giving peace a chance, The Greatest Challenge of our Times and essay on affirmations by Frank DeMarco. Daniel Pinchbeck on human evolution, Spiritual Vision by Dan Joseph. Carolyn Baker’s review of “The Transition Handbook”, “The Only Things We Take with Us” by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, the Ascension Process and Spiritual Therapeutics by Angela Peregoff, Remembering U.Utah Phillips by Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty, poetry by leading Israeli writer Dahlia Ravikovitch, review of Carolyn Baker’s “Sacred Demise” by Sarah Anne Edwards, and “The Third Secret of Fatima Revealed” by Thomas Jude Geminario. Also short subjects, cartoons, contact classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q2 2009]

No. 93-94 DARKNESS AND SCATTERED LIGHT – Signs of hope amid the fall of empire. Reprints of two early BSN articles that shaped our spiritual world view: The story of Edgar Cayce and his validation of reincarnation, and a piece on the Findhorn community in Northern Scotland where people have been living in the New Age since the 1960s. Another major article is “Economic Recovery? No Thank You!” by Carolyn Baker which explains that a system of greed, corruption, mismanagement, and violence needs to collapse. Other major articles are “Living the Times” by David Spangler, “Bringing Our Relationships into Focus” by Carla Rueckert-McCarty, “The Journey” by Dan Joseph, “Spiritual Therapeutics” by Angela Peregoff, and “Pete Seeger’s Persistent Hope” by John Dear. Also a Slav folk tale, poetry by Joan Thomas & McArthur Gunter, and short articles on religion, Costa Rica, and the paradigm shift. As ever, artwork, cartoons, classified pages, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q3 2009]

No. 95-96 SIGNS OF THE TIMES – The Old Order of Pisces goes out in an orgy of violence while the New Age of Aquarius brings a promise of peace and goodwill. Teena Booth’s “Unfinished Evolution” explains the need for a revived New Age Movement. David Spangler agrees in “A Call to Action.” Also Angela Peregoff encourages us to use our power; Karen Bishop sees us on the threshold of new energies; Joanna Macy shows the futility of trying to escape despair; Joan Thomas tells of the mountain gods of the Mescalero Apaches; Carla Rueckert-McCarty remembers progressive Texas journalist Molly Ivins; and Ann Thomas blogs on the art of forgiveness. Other features include short pieces by Deepak Chopra, Earl Nightingale, and Yehuda Berg; a poetic conversation with soul by Jim Price; a strong book and video review section, cartoons, and classified leads to good stuff. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q4 2009]

No. 97-98 COUNTDOWN – The end of the Mayan calendar approaches ever more swiftly. “Moving into 2012” by Angela Peregoff. Excerpt from “The Sphere and the Hologram” reveals that forces from ‘the other side’ are working toward our good. In-depth review of Carl Johan Calleman’s “The Purposeful Universe” by Joan Thomas continues to reveal the significance of 2011. Carla Rueckert-McCarty examines the consciousness of her coming major surgery. The importance of Random acts of kindness by Ed & Deb Shapiro. The inner significance of Haiti’s catastrophe by Karen Bishop. Learning from disappointment about Obama by Carolyn Baker. “The Wonderful Tar Baby” by Joel Chandler Harris. Mark Twain’s classic “The War Prayer.” Poetry by Ethel Hale. Also short subjects, graphics, cartoons, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q1 2010]

No. 99-100 STATE OF THE UNION – Three lead articles detail how politics as usual has gotten the nation into critical condition. Authors are David Rovics, Brad Bucholz (on Chris Hedges), and William Astore. Noam Chomsky and Jim Hightower are profiled by Chris Hedges and Michael Winship. Karen Bishop and Angela Peregoff give spiritual insights on these critical times. “The Transitus” by David Letts covers transformational experiences. Amy Goodman writes on “The Obscenity of War.” Poetry by Joan Thomas comments on Arizona’s racial friction. The Onion satirizes our economic meltdown. Joan Thomas reflects on The Dark Night of the Soul. Carla Rueckert-McCarty puts her spin on the Garden of Eden story. Also short subjects on “The Real Secret” and the Ego, plus cartoons, book reviews, classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q2 2010]

No. 101-102 PROPHETIC MESSAGES – “A Tale of Two Gulfs”: Editorial on the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the disastrous military failures in the Middle East. Articles on Gulf oil spill as unfolding of prophecy by Daniel Pinchbeck and Tom Kenyon/Hathor. Homage to Howard Zinn by Matthew Rothschild. “Receptive Prayer” by Dan Joseph. Appreciation of Angela Peregoff’s Morning Blessings by Carla Rueckert-McCarty. Thoughts on mountain climbing fatalities at Mt Eiger by Joan Thomas. “From Despair to Impassioned Inspiration” by Carolyn Baker. “We Are Already in Paradise” by Rebecca Ann Parker. A Message from Jeshua by Aluna Joy. “The Dragon and the Owl” a fable by Joyce Marshall. “God’s Two Feet” by David Spangler. Review of “Mind Leap” by David W. Letts. Also short subjects, poetry, cartoons, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q3 2010]

No. 103-104 AND THE BEAT GOES ON – Editorial on the unraveling of the world’s social order and anti-Islamic bigotry. Also: Dan Joseph’s “slingshot approach” to meditation. Jan Phillips imagining Jon Stewart interviewing Jesus. Contemplating the collapse of civilization by Bill Herbst. “How Right-Wing Billionaires and Business Propaganda Got Us Into the Economic Mess of the Century” by Joshua Holland. “Reflections on Soul” in the writing of Heinz Pagels by Joan Thomas. Thought on anti-Hispanic bigotry by Carla Rueckert-McCarty. Two short essays by Carl McColman. Imaginary correspondence between man & Heaven on the Law of Manifestation by Angela Peregoff. “Our Spiritual Evolutional Process” by Karen Bishop. Gandhian Nonviolent Action as Spiritual Practice by Daniel Pinchbeck. Also short subjects, poetry, book reviews, ads, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q4 2010]

No. 105-106 THE FARCE BE WITH YOU – Editorial sees the ongoing collapse of the U.S. Empire as more cosmic joke than tragedy, considering the right wing clowns who are calling the shots. Other features: Spiritual overview of 2011 by Angela Peregoff; “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by Chris Hedges; “A Long History of America’s Dark Side” by Peter Dale Scott and Robert Parry; “Recognizing the Shadow” by Joan Thomas; Paul Crag Roberts sees America sliding toward Orwellian nightmare in 2011; “Enlightenment at Big Bend” a story by Jack Donahue; and the magic of Machaelle Small Wright’s Perelandra garden by Carla Rueckert-McCarty. Also short subjects, humor, poetry, reviews, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q1 2011]

No. 107-108 RETURN OF THE HANGED MAN – Seeing in reverse from conventional wisdom. “Surrendering the Right to Use the Dark Side to Fight the Dark Side” by Beth Green; “Government by the Rich: Is This the American Dream?” by John Whitehead; “Why We are Here” by Carla Rueckert-McCarty; “The End of Empire” by David Korten; “The Ultimate Oxymoron: Industrial Civilization and Mental Health” by Carolyn Baker; “The Big Adventure: More Reflections on 2012” by Joan Thomas; “Dealing with Depression” by Lauren Gorgo; “Perception Vision 2011” by Angela Peregoff; “Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus” by Phil Zuckerman; and “A Prayer at the End of My Rope” by Michael Ventura. Also short subjects, fairy tale by Joyce Marshall, book reviews, poetry, and classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q2 2011]

No. 109-110 2011 COUNTDOWN – Time accelerates toward end of Mayan calendar. Carl Johan Calleman gives his take on An Oct. 28, 2011 end date. David Spangler writes on “Hope” and BSN reviews his autobiography “Apprenticed to Spirit.” Lee Carroll defines who the Indigo Children are in the preface to a new book, “The Indigo Children Ten Years Later”. Richard Greenwald of In These Times reviews John McMillan’s “Smoking Typewriters: The Sixties Underground Press and the Rise of Alternative Media in America”. (BSN was a member of the original Underground Press.) The decline of mainstream print media is covered in depth by Chris Hedges. John Dear SJ recalls the prophetic Judaism of peacemaker Abraham Joshua Heschel. Joan Thomas presents a thinkpiece on allegories. Also poetry by Steven Magstadt, review of Gary Zukav’s “Spiritual Partnership”, Jim Hightower on the Catholic church slandering the sixties, cartoons, classifieds, quotes, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q3 2011]

No. 111-112 INDIGO REVOLUTION? – BSN connects #OccupyWallStreet, the Indigo children, and the end of an age as of 2012. Our first channeled article by SaLuSa comments on “These Unique Times.” Another new channeller, Diane Tessman, offers 10 Future Predictions. Thom Hartmann shows why Occupy Wall Street is the next Republican boogeyman. Serena RedFeather questions Calleman’s Oct. 211 calculation of the end of the Mayan calendar. Carla Rueckert-McCarty uses the Egyptian tarot to expound on Archetypes and Sexuality. Frances Fox Piven dissects the war against the poor in the U.S. Steve Beckow tells how “Love Makes the World Go Round, but Fairness Makes it Work.” John Smallman channeling Saul assures us that “Truly a time of great joy is approaching.” Book review of “The Indigo Children Ten Years Later” by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober outlines how many in the know acknowledge the validity of the Indigo concept. Review of “The 2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intriguing Date in History“ by John Major Jenkins. In-depth reviews of David Wilcock’s “The Source Field Investigations” and Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ “Untie the Strong Woman” by Joan Thomas. Also poetry by William Wright Harris, short subjects, cartoons, classifieds, quotes, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q4 2011]

No. 113-114 THE 100% SOLUTION – Channeled entity Matthew makes his BSN debut with detailed message for 2012. Channeling by Inelia Benz and Jesus via John Smallman reinforce the eventfulness of this year. Rob Brezsny explains why “You Are a Prophet.” Swami Beyondananda presents his 2012 State of the Universe address. Deepak Chopra goes political with “It’s Time to Change Kleptocracy to Democracy”, while Sam Smith tells us “Change The Culture; The Politics Will Follow.” Carla Rueckert-McCarty comments on “Socialism, Obama and the Law of One.” Dog stories by Raud Kennedy and Joan Thomas. Poetry by the late American Poet Laureate, William Stafford. The correlation between holiness and happiness by Carl McColman. Reviews of two prophetic books by Diane Tessman. Also short subjects, cartoons, contact classifieds, quotes, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q1 2012]

No. 115-116 UTOPIA 2012 – Turning the page of the ages. The Restoration of Peace and Perspective on 2012 by Steve Beckow. Matthew Ward on the 2012-2013 Shift. Saul channeled by John Smallman on The Inevitability of this Great Event. Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty on Wending Our Way Toward the One. Also: A Great Spiritual Secret and Thought Transmission by Angela Peregoff; The Consequences of Usury by TJ Germinario; The God Theory by Joan Thomas; Republicans and the Christian Vote by Jan Phillips; and 3 war poems by Ken Thomas. Short pieces by Sri Ramakrishna and Guy Finley. Stories: Silver Elvis by Raud Kennedy and Arghadip by Gershon Ben-Avraham. Also book and audio reviews, cartoons, classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q2 2012]

No. 117-118 STAR WARS – Galactic allies in the cause of Planet Earth. Hope for the future in messages from Matthew Ward, SaLuSa, Archangel Uriel, and Saul. Articles include The Perspective Song by Erica Ross-Krieger; The Trouble with Genius by Michael Meade; Sustainable Living as Religious Observance by Dmitry Orlov; Messy Stuff by Fr. Tom Jackson; Just the Facts by David Spangler; Homage to Two Thrones by Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty; The Tailor’s Secret by Alan Cohen; The Myth of the ‘60s by Edward P. Morgan; Reflections on “A Universe from Nothing” by Joan Thomas; and When Light Flashed a Message from the Other Side by Sylvia Hart Wright. Also short subjects, poetry, book reviews, cartoons, classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q3 2012]

No. 119-120 A NEW WORLD IS HERE – First all-color issue. A new age begins, according to the Mayan calendar, with little drama or fanfare. Articles include “Your Assignment” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, “About the ‘Holy Fool’” by Rich Heffern, “If the Four Horsemen Arrive, Offer Beer” by Adam Taggart, “Do Aliens Guide Us to New Spiritual Insights” by Diane Tessman, “Planetary Initiation” by Daniel Pinchbeck, “The Partnership Age” by David Spangler, Great Shift Newsletter #44” by Russell Boulding, “The Last of the Human Freedoms” by Viral Mehta, “Matthew’s Message” channeled from Matthew Ward, “Comment on ‘Zero Dark Thirty’” by Joan Thomas, “Life As Prayer” by Angela Peregoff, and “So Many People Die” (a deeper look at the Vietnam War) by Nick Turse. Also poetry by gk thomas and Suzanne Sykora, book reviews, cartoons, artwork, classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy. [Q4 2012]

No. 121-122 MOVING ON INTO THE NEW ERA – A time of transition into a New Age. Denise LeFay views the shift as of early 2013. Sara Robinson gives “Six Reasons We Can’t Change the Future Without Progressive Religion.” Channele3d message from Matthew Ward explains recent developments. Carla Rueckert-McCarty tells “Why we are here.” Peter Dreier writes of “The Radical Dissent of Helen Keller.” Chris Hedges call this “A Time for ‘Radical Madness’.” Carolyn Baker writes of the “Radical Passion” of Andrew Harvey. Alan Cohen explains our inner prisons. Jackie McDonald describes “The Physics of Fear.” John Ptacek writes a letter to his ego. Also poetry by Joan Thomas; book reviews on Rolling Thunder, Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway (by Frank DeMarco), Suzanne Ward’s Conversations with Animals, and Jackie McDonald’ tale of a foundling pup. Plus cartoons, classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q1 2013]

No. 123-124 IS THE NEW AGE HERE? – Well, Yes and No. The Old Order is phasing out while the New Age gradually gains momentum. Articles include: “Wake” by David Spangler, a view of Earth events by Diane Tessman, “Difference Maker Fritz Haeg” by Carla Rueckert-McCarty, “Attraction in Action” by Alan Cohen, “Revisiting the Tower” by Dan Joseph, “There is No Progress to be Made by Celebrating Our Differences by Dr. Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlav, “Forgiveness of One’s Self” and “Levels of the Spiritual Life” by Joan Thomas, “The Cynic and the Boatbuilder” by Charles Eisenstein, profile of Nat Hentoff by John W. Whitehead, and “Reception” by Rev. Angela Peregoff. Also poetry by Dusan Gojkov and Alayne Skyler, “The Faceless Man,” a short story by Joan Thomas, reviews of “The Gift of Adversity” by Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D., the story of Lynyrd Skynyrd by Ron Eckerman, secrets of the afterlife by Barry Eaton, and a transformational novel by Jean Gerson-Grier. Also Angela Peregoff’s farewell message, cartoons, classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q2 2013]

No. 125-126 IT’S THE LAW! – Revisiting the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation (a.k.a. “The Secret”). “Humor as a Spiritual Practice” by Karen Horneffer-Ginter; “Confronting Not-Seeism” by Steve Bhaerman; “How do we find faith” by Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty; “An I for an I” by Marian Franz; “Ignorance” by Joan Thomas; “Extraterrestrial Assistance” (excerpt from Matthew Book “Earth’s Golden Age: Life Beyond 2012’); “The Truth About Fairy Tales” by Alan Cohen; Eckhart Tolle Interview; “The Survival Games” by David Spangler; interview with Naomi Shihab Nye (with poem) on kindness; and “In a Nation in Decline, a Lust for Hatred” (a riff on Moby Dick) by Chris Hedges. Short subjects by Rev Angela Peregoff, Satish Kumar, Gary Zukav, and Judy Carman. Poetry by Allison Grayhurst; Reviews of “The Battle of the Frogs and the Mice” by George Martin; “Earth’s Golden Age”; and “The UFO Agenda” by Diane Tessman. Also cartoons, classifieds, quotations, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q3 2013]

No. 127-128 A TIME OF REVELATIONS – Different sources indicate that the major change predicted for 2012 are still in the works. These include Ra channeling from 1981, a 2006 book by Steven M. Greer, M.D., and David Wilcock’s 2013 book “The Synchronicity Key.” Other articles include “The Big Picture” by David Spangler; “The Inner Shift” by Dan Joseph; “2013 in Review” by Ronna Herman; “Dignity—against all odds” by Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty; “Voluntary Simplicity” by Duane Elgin; “More Reflections on God and Physics” by Joan Thomas; Excerpt from “Sowing Seeds in the Desert” by Masanobu Fukuoka; and “What is your Ego Telling You to Do?” by Beth Green. Also poetry by Agholor Leonard Obiaderi and Carlos Hiraldo. Also cartoons, quotes, classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q4 2013]

No. 129-130 THE GREAT TURNING – Caught between ages. Beautiful cover art by Helena Nelson-Reed. We observe the slow collapse of the Old Order in this and subsequent issues, as we also see signs of the New, Aquarian, Age. Carolyn Baker offers observations on the collapse, transition, and Great Turning. David Korten sees The Great Turning as “an Epic Passage.” Joanna Macy suggests personal approaches to this time. In other major articles, Be Scofield lists 5 things atheists have wrong about religion; John W. Whitehead remembers how the late Pete Seeger’s music changed the world; Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty explains the difference between oneness and individuality; Gary Zukav explains what is unworthiness; Michelle Davies and Marie Claire tell the secret behind Joni Mitchell’s outstanding music—(Joni wrote our theme song, Both Sides Now); Ram Dass writes on Unconditional Love; and Joan Thomas discusses 3 significant films and writes of an inmate friend. Also short story “Dropping a Shoe” by Serge Danilov and short subjects by Suzanne Taylor, Deepak Chopra, Angela Peregoff, and Clare Leschin-Hoar (on Seattle’s food forest). Poetry by Tendai R Mwanaka and Joan Thomas. Also cartoons, quotes, classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q1 2014]

No. 131-132 A TIME OF TRANSFORMATION – Our Very reality is Changing. Two particularly strong articles are David Letts’ overview of crop circles and “The Emotional Guidance Scale” by Justin. Other major pieces include “YOU are POWERFUL” by Inelia Benz; “To Sit on a Park Bench” by Michael Ventura; “Why Americans Are Paranoid About Everything (Including Zombies)” by Noam Chomsky; “Spiritual Discernment” by Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty; “Masters in Our Midst” by Alan Cohen; “To Write or Not To Write by Joan Thomas; “The Ceiling and the Floor” by Dan Joseph; and review of Carl Johan Calleman’s “The Global Mind” by Joan Thomas. Also true story “To the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter” by Josh Misner and short piece on “Watching the West commit suicide” by Jim Szpachjer;” Plus poetry by Sheryl L. Nelms, cartoons, quotes, classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q2 2014]

No. 133-134 SLOW MOTION APOCALYPSE – Are We There Yet? Sort of a potpourri issue as the change times continue. “The Long and Short of It” by David Spangler; “Accessing the Earth’s Seed Atom Record-Keeper Crystals” by Ronna Herman; “Indigo and Crystal Phenomena; ADD and ADHD Children” by Lisa Whatley; “Screenworld” by Michael Ventura; “Art and Consciousness in the Classroom” by Elizabeth Traina; “A Metaphor for Dying” by Ram Dass; “Oneness and Individuality” by Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty; “The War God” and poetry by Joan Thomas; “The Meaning of Life & Death” by Inelia Benz; and “The Order on the Other Side of Chaos” by Margaret Wheatley. Also short subjects by Frederick Buechner, Bob Proctor and others, and “A Tale of a King and a Wise Man” by Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav: and in-depth book reviews. Plus art by Georges Rouault, cartoons, quotes, classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q3 2014]

No. 135-136 APPROACHING CLIMAX – Detecting a turning point in history. Margaret Wheatley on mindfulness; Joni Mitchell’s memoir; men’s lack of respect for women’s intelligence by Rebecca Solnit; the shock of climate change by Naomi Klein; “Thoughts on Extinctions” by Diane Tessman; “On Karmic and Non-Karmic Energies” by Russell Boulding; “Hands of God” by Joan Thomas; “Taking a Call for Climate Change to the Streets” by Lisa W. Foderari; and “The Revolution of Consciousness” by Marianne Williamson. Also: short subjects by Tony Burroughs, Jan Phillips, Kevin Tully and Naomi Shihab Nye; and poetry, book reviews, cartoons, and classifieds, etc. 22pages. $2/copy [Q4 2014]

No. 137-138 DARKNESS AND SCATTERED LIGHTBoth Sides Now memories; “Human Belief Systems Face an Enormous Challenge” by Diane Tessman; “Free Will or the Whirlwind” by Barbara Hand Clow; “Emerging from Denial” and “Awakening” channeled by Barbara Marciniak; Kryon channeling “Revelations of Darkness”; “The Future Dot-Dot-Dot” by Michael Ventura; and “Thoughts After a Fall” by Joan Thomas. Also: short subjects by Anmal Mehta and Maria Popova (Joni Mitchell on Therapy); plus poetry, book reviews, cartoons, and classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q1 2015]

No. 139-140 LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE – Passing milestones: BSN’s 140th issue & the editor’s 90th birthday. Also: “It All Goes Wrong Anyway” by Ajhan Brahm; “Thought on Ascension/Assumption/Transition by Mary T. Beben; “Interlude” by David Spangler; “Janine Benyus: Nature has answers if we ask the right questions” by Heather Clancy; “Wendell Berry on Solitude” and “The Mystery of Personal Identity” by Maria Popova; the challenge of the threat of environmental disaster by Richard Schiffman; “Excerpts from a Small Journal by Joan Thomas; “Why Happiness is thye Wrong Pursuit” by Christine Carter; lentils as a nutritional powerhouse by Ari LeVaux; “The Radical Dissent of Helen Keller” by Peter Dreier; and “12 steps to fulfillment by Paulo Coelho.” Also fable “The Stepmother and the Ghoul” by Joyce Marshall; short subjects, poetry, book reviews, cartoons, and classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q2 2015]

No. 141-142 STOP THE PRESSES! – Pointing to an article on our turning point: “Something Amazing is Happening on Planet Earth” by J Russell Boulding. Also: editorial on “A Time for Peace”; “The Legacy of Dana Redfield” plus wisdom poem and alphabet drawing by Redfield; “Dream Light” by David Letts; 70 Year Old Prophecy from Shanka Herath; “The Reality of Being a Multi-Dimensional Being” by Aluna Joy Yaxkin; “The Divine Child Speaks” by Mary T Beben; the values of Mullein; obituary of John Judge, conspiracy investigator; “Message from Machaelle” on working with nature by Machaelle Wright; on the Christian right’s doomsday prophet, John Hagee, by Matthew Pulver; and “Truisms” by Joan Thomas. Also review of the autobiographical works of Machaelle Wright, “The Grandmother and the Tiger” a fable by Joyce Marshall, poetry, short subjects, cartoons, and classifieds, etc. 22 pages. $2/copy [Q3 2015]

No. 143-144 PEACE IS NORMAL – Subtitled War Is a Disease. Front page features picture of sculpture “Caduceus” by James Nathan Muir, with detailed article inside on its symbolism by the sculptor. Peace articles are by David Spangler and Sister Joan Chittister. Other articles include “The Power of Art” by John F. Kennedy; “Compassion and the Golden Rule” (on Karen Armstrong) by Maria Popova; the incredible story of legless gymnast Jen Bricker; Daniel Goleman’s book on the Dalai Lama’s vision; “You Are Powerful” by Inelia Benz; “On Forgiving God” by Joan Thomas; “Is Death an Illusion” by Robert Lanza; Mary Oliver on finding happiness; “The Conscious Army” by anonymous; ”Learning Forgiveness” by Jill Suttie; and “Creating My Own Personal Renaissance” by Frank DeMarco. Also short tale “The Girl and the Looking Glass” by Joyce Marshall, and story poem “Sylvania” by Joan Thomas. Regular features include short subjects, cartoons, and classifieds, etc. 22 pages $2/copy [Q4 2015]

No. 145-146 HOW ABOUT THAT NEW AGE – Subtitled Are We There Yet?. Observing that gradual progress is really taking place. Seeing RESET as a theme for 2016 by Jose and Lena Stevens; “An Oreo Future” by David Spangler; “Keeping Your New Year Resolutions” by Alan Cohen; “Piercing the Veil” by Aluna Joy Yaxkin; “Celebrating Darkness” by by Erica Barnes; “Sanctifying Darkness” by Rabbi David Seidenberg; “A Time for Literary Diplomacy” by Ariel Dorfman; “The New Human: by Mary Rodwell; “Ladder to the Pleiades” by Michael P. Branch; Ron Jacobs on Dmitri Shostakovich and his Leningrad Symphony; ”Thoughts on Biocentrism” by Joan Thomas; “We’re Not as Selfish as We Think We Are” by George Monbiot; and Wayne Dyer’s obituary. Also review of Karl Meyer’s autobiography by Joan Thomas, and review of book on PTSD by Vietnam veteran. Also poetry by Anne McCrady, another book review, short subjects, cartoons, and classifieds, etc. 22 pages $2/copy [Q1 2016]

No. 147-148 WORLD KARMA – The Law affects nations as well as people. The Evolution of Consciousness by Marianne Williamson; Pope Francis Restores the Good Sense of Jesus by Leonardo Boff; Isis a Goddess not Terrorist Gang by Cathy Lynn Pagano; The Alchemy of Time (The Great Year) by Jay Weidner; Ten Things Creative People Know by Peggy Taylor & Charlie Murphy; On the Cliffs Above Blood River, an imaginary dialog with the Devil by Joan Thomas; On Pi Day by Hana E. Strauss; The Act of Giving from Nipun Mehta; Destabilization, a Hathor Message through Tom Kenyon; Brush with Greatness by Alan Cohen; Searching for God by Rabindranath Tagore; and World Games by David Spangler. Also Blessing Be Thy Curse-Curse Be Thy Blessing a poem by Paul Thompson; and a review of Black Flags: The Rise of Isis by Joby Warrick. Also cartoons, classifieds, etc. 22 pages $2/copy [Q2 2016]

No. 149-150 A TIME OF TRANSFORMATION – Editorial on Transformation by Lena Stevens; The Conscious Army (anonymous note on this new religion); The Purpose of Life on Earth from Ban-Dhu’s Seeds of Truth Through Iliana; Navigating New Dimensions and Timelines by Aluna Joy Yaxkin; Berrigan’s Life Lesson: Fidelity Has its Payoffs by Tom Roberts & Patrick O’Neill; Thoughts Are Things, Things Are Thoughts, This Changes Everything by Jose Stevens; More Reflections on the Shadow Side by Joan Thomas; Earth’s Energy Field by Matthew Ward; The Aetherium a Hathor Message through Tom Kenyon; What Are People For by Wendell Berry, What’s next for the Bernie Sanders Revolution? by Jim Hightower; and Three short pieces on entering the Age of Aquarius. Also Coyote Looks at Progress and Wonders What It Is, a tale by Webster Kitchel; also short subjects, cartoons, & classifieds, etc. 22 pages $2/copy [Q3 2016]

No. 151-152 THE GREAT TURNING – Entering a New Order of the Ages; After the Election (editorial); The Mandala Effect & the Berenst(ae)in Bears Conspiracy by Alanna Ketler; The Great Turning-An Epic Passage by David Korten; The Great Turning by Joanna Macy; Love Addiction by Helen Fisher; American Irrationalism by Chris Hedges; Thoreau on How to Use Civil Disobedience to Advance Justice from Brain Pickings; Why America Voted Against Itself by Carl Johan Calleman; The Illusion of Death by Owen K. Waters; (US) Hopelessly Divided? Think Again by Frances Moore Lappe; Drive Your Karma, Cure Your Dogma by Swami Beyondananda; Review of David Wilcock’s The Ascension Mysteries by Joan Thomas; Attitude is Everything by Anonymous; How to Survive Being Human by Joan Thomas; A New Awakening by the Andromeda Council; and reflections on Trump by BSN. Also a rap poem by Paul Thompson, short subjects, cartoons, and classifieds, etc. 22 pages $2/copy [Q4 2016]

No. 153-154 (Current Issue) INTERESTING TIMES – In addition to bizarre drama on the world political stage, we are at the cusp of a transition between ages-from Pisces to Aquarius. In this context, the Trump phenomenon can be seen not as the beginning of an era, but the end, as seen by Peter Layden and William J. Astore. William Boardman sees this as a nervous breakdown, while Garrison Keiller throws up his hands in defeat. Sr Joan Chittister asks if there is anything left in which we can believe. The Great Council of the Grandmothers asks: what we can learn? On other topics, Norman Fischer says life is tough and offers ways to deal with it; an anonymous author says attitude is everything. A special feature is Joan Thomas' imaginary meeting with Death on Skull Mountain, including original poetry. Joan also presents a commentary on Johan Calleman's Nine Waves of Creation following Calleman's exposition of the wisdom of the ninth wave. A brief obituary remembers Pete Seeger and the power of song. Also cartoons and classifieds, etc. 22 pages $2/copy [Q1 2017]

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