A Journal of Lightworking and Peacemaking

Welcome to our web site! Both Sides Now (BSN) is a small press publication in newsletter format. As you may tell from its subtitle, BSN's aim is to make a better world. It does this through a heady bringing together of spiritual and social concerns. It is an independent voice, not beholden to any sect or party. Its tone is sometimes personal; something like receiving a letter from a friend.

As you visit our web site, you will learn more about this publication its history (including how it got its name), available back issues and contents of current issue, how to subscribe or order a sample copy (and other FAQs), and how to contact like-minded publications and organizations. There are also items of interest which didn't fit into the pages of BSN as well as our Pamphlet Series and Special Issues.

We hope the information in these web pages will answer your questions about BSN.




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